Ani Kicheva, group leader

Ani started as an Assistant professor at IST Austria in November 2015. She did a postdoc at MRC National Institute for Medical Research (currently The Francis Crick Institute), London, with James Briscoe. She did her Ph. D with Marcos González-Gaitán at the Max Planck Institute of Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden and the University of Geneva.

Martina Greunz, technical assistant

Martina is from Austria and did her Masters degree at the University of Vienna. She started working in the lab in March 2016.

Katarzyna Kuzmicz-Kowalska, PhD student

Kasia did her first rotation in the lab in the Fall of 2016. She is from Poland and did her Master’s degree at the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw. She obtained a DOC fellowship for her PhD to study how morphogens regulate cell survival in the neural tube.

Stefanie Rus, PhD student

Steffi joined the lab in December 2017. She did her Master’s thesis at the University of Edinburgh. Steffi obtained an NFB fellowship for her PhD project on the regulatory logic of pattern formation in the dorsal neural tube.

Laura Bocanegra, PhD student

Laura did her first rotation in the lab in the Fall of 2016. She is from Colombia and did her Master’s degree at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Laura’s PhD project focuses on understanding the dynamics of cell rearrangements in the spinal neuroepithelium.

Kasumi Kishi, PhD student

Kasumi joined the lab in July 2018. She did her Master’s degree at the University of Bristol. Kasumi’s PhD project focuses on notochord morphogenesis in mouse development.

Wanhui You, postdoc

Wanhui joined in June, 2020 to work on understanding how morphogens control tissue growth.

Catherine Gilbert, project technician

Catherine joined the lab in November, 2019.

Thomas Minchington, postdoc

Tom joined the lab in November, 2020 after doing his PhD with Nancy Papalopulu and Sam Griffiths-Jones at the University of Manchester.



Former lab members

Marcin Zagorski, currently PI at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Jagiellonian University

Masters students and interns
Dominik Ritzer
Joana Serrao
Armaan Mehra
Maria Mikhaylova
Darya Matvienko
Gabriela Hristova
Tin Kocijan
Aondoyima Ioratim-Uba
Lucrezia Ferme