June, 2022

Our lab participated in the ISTA Open Campus day on June 25. Steffi, Tom and the rest of the lab organized a kids game illustrating how cells make choices. Followed by brain cookies, it was hugely popular and a great success. Meanwhile, Kasia won the science slam. 



May, 2022

Madeleine Zillner joins our lab as a PhD student. Welcome!

April, 2022

Heorhii Kyrychenko joins the lab for an internship. Welcome!

March, 2022

We are winners of the ‘-80C freezer challenge’ organized by the Sustainability group at ISTA. We get the prize for the ‘best inventory system’ – thanks to Catherine Gilbert!

January, 2022

Check out our new preprint based on the PhD work of Laura Bocanegra:

Cell cycle dynamics controls fluidity of the developing mouse neuroepithelium
Bocanegra-Moreno L, Singh A, Hannezo E, Zagorski M*, Kicheva A* 
bioRxiv (2022)

We demonstrate that the fluidity of the neural tube epithelium is controlled by the cell cycle dynamics of the tissue. We show that interkinetic nuclear movements generate dynamic changes in the apical cell areas, which lead to extensive cell rearrangements.

January, 2021

Laura, Kasumi and Ani contributed a chapter to this exciting collection of reviews: “Roadmap on multiscale coupling of biochemical and mechanical signals during development” in Phys Biol.

November, 2020

Amrita Singh received the IST Fellow fellowship to study the regulation of growth anisotropy in the spinal cord. Congrats! Amrita will start her postdoc in the lab in April 2021. 

Thomas Minchington joins the lab as a postdoc. Welcome, Tom!

Kasia received an award for her talk at the EMBL PhD symposium. Congratulations!

October, 2020

Steffi receives an NFB fellowship for her PhD project on the regulatory logic of patterning in the dorsal neural tube. Congratulations, Steffi!

June, 2020

Wanhui You joins the lab as a postdoc. Welcome, Wanhui!

May, 2020

Our review “Regulation of size and scale in vertebrate spinal cord development” was published and can be found here.

February, 2020

The EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel visits IST Austria and our lab!


February, 2020

Kasia joins the team of PreLighters with her first PreLight of a recent preprint by Tristan Rodriguez’s lab.

January, 2020

We were awarded an Austrian Special Research Program SFB grant on “Stem Cell Modulation in Neural Development and Regeneration” together with the groups of Elly Tanaka (IMP), Jürgen Knoblich (IMBA), Noelia Urban (IMBA), Simon Hippenmeyer (IST Austria), Gaia Novarino (IST Austria), Frank Eddenhofer (Uni Innsbruck), Kristin Tessmar-Raible (MFPL), Florian Raible (MFPL), Arndt von Haeseler (MFPL). Our network of stem cell and developmental biologists will offer multiple opportunities for collaboration, new projects and training for postdocs and students. We are currently looking for a Scientific Project Manager, click here for details. 


December, 2019

Our paper  “Neuronal differentiation affects tissue mechanics and progenitor arrangement in the vertebrate neuroepithelium”

was finally published in Development. We develop a vertex model of the mouse neuroepithelium and show that the tissue growth rate influences the anisotropy of tissue growth.


October, 2018

Our chapter  “Measuring Dorsoventral Pattern and Morphogen Signaling Profiles in the Growing Neural Tube” comes out in Methods in Molecular Biology this week.

June, 2018

Our collaborative work  with Igor Adameyko’s lab comes out in Elife “Signals from the brain and olfactory epithelium control shaping of the mammalian nasal capsule cartilage.”

July 24, 2018

Laura goes to the EMBO workshop on Imaging Mouse Development in Heidelberg. She will present her poster on “Dynamics of epithelial cell rearrangements during mouse neural tube development”.


June 26, 2018

Kasia is awarded the DOC fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences to study the role of morphogens in the regulation of neural tube growth. Congratulations, Kasia!

June 25, 2018

Lab hike: we reached amazing views of the Danube and had a great time walking in the Wienerwald!

May 27, 2018

We give a lab tour to visitors of the IST Open Campus day. Check out the video we made for the IST Open Campus day: a glimpse of everyday work in the lab.


June 30, 2017

Our paper  “Decoding of position in the developing neural tube from antiparallel morphogen gradients” comes out today in Science.

link to article

link to news feature on IST website

June 11, 2016

“Ein Video zeigt, was in Zellen los ist” – an article about our lab appeared in the Austrian newspaper Die Presse.

link to article

Anna Kicheva
Foto: Clemens Fabry
Bild: (c) Die Presse (Clemens Fabry)
Die Entwicklungsbiologin Anna Kicheva erforscht dynamische Vorgänge in Zellen: Sie studiert Faktoren, die einer Nervenzelle sagen, wofür sie im Körper zuständig ist.


The lab was awarded an ERC Starting Grant to work on “Coordination of Patterning and Growth in the Spinal Cord” with a starting date July 1, 2016.